“Town & Gown Rocks!”

…”Loved the energy we got from your audience”

 … “A great series and a great community!”

For our 2018-19 season, Ames Town & Gown offers an engaging musical menu. It’s truly a feast of many flavors, featuring an international array of the greatest artists of our times – the highly renowned as well as rising stars. As expected, there will be string quartets, quintets, and trios by the celebrated masters. But at other times, we’ll be enlightened beyond the familiar. A recorder quartet will transport us to Latin America with the enticing melodies and rhythms of Brazil. And an ensemble of lutes, percussion, and soprano will take us back five centuries to Renaissance Europe.

Please join us and support our 69th season, one that promises warm, traditional chamber music experiences mixed with the new and different.


Paula Forrest, Artistic Director