Town & Gown Online Ticket Office

Concert Tickets

The 2019-2020 Season tickets for Ames Town & Gown include 5 concerts. Season tickets may be ordered online or by using the Mail-in form, for $125 each, and will be mailed to you. Single tickets for the concerts are $30 each, and will be mailed to you if purchased more than one week in advance. Students K-12 are free. University students with ID are free, as room permits.

The Annual Musicale, which is our Fundraising Event, is not included in the season ticket price. Tickets for the Musicale may be purchased online or at the door.

Season or individual concert tickets can be purchased at the door. Advance tickets can be ordered on line (see below) or purchased in person at the ISU Music Department office or in downtown Ames at Rieman Music and Chocolaterie Stam.

Click below to order season or individual tickets.

**All payment processing is done off-site through Paypal and it is safe to purchasing your tickets on-line.