“Town & Gown Rocks!”

…”Loved the energy we got from your audience”

 … “A great series and a great community!”

“Music – so different from painting – is the art which we enjoy most in company with others.”

Two hundred years ago, composer Robert Schumann could not have imagined a time when we could literally see performances happening anywhere on the planet in the comfort of our living rooms, offices, even airplanes, through a tiny handheld device or an an electronic screen the size of a wall. But Schumann’s words resonate today as we discover that despite the incredible futuristic world we inhabit, we still want and need to share artistic experiences whenever possible, sensing common emotional responses without saying a word. After a Town & Gown concert, the opportunity to share our enthusiasm with the other audience members as well as the musicians themselves enlivens and deepens the whole experience.

We offer you six spectacular evenings – Join Us!

Paula Forrest, Artistic Director